Top 10 Poker Tips from Johnnie

When playing a game of poker, everybody wants to improve their playing tactics and perform to the best of their ability, whilst ideally winning big time! Poker is a fully accessible game where it is possible to learn from, and improve on, through continued play. This is one game where players can usually find generous amounts of help that they can implement and use to improve their current game play; especially for those that are new to the game.

Top 10 Poker Tips from Johnnie

Therefore, I am going to share ten of my top poker tips right here, just for you:

Top Tip #1

Don’t attempt to play a game of poker when your head is not in the game! First things first, and perhaps one of the more obvious of tips, but equally as important, is that you refrain from playing poker when you know your emotions are going to get the better of you. If not, you leave yourself wide open to losses, doing little for your self-esteem and future game play. Remind yourself that we all have bad days, and stay away from the table on such a day!

Top Tip #2

            Don’t play poker whilst intoxicated! If you have had a couple of drinks or more, then obviously you won’t be fully coherent and your senses will be dulled. Your play will not be sharp, and your game will be off. Not a great state to be in when playing for high stakes! Whilst it may be okay for friendly low stake games, playing poker in an actual casino whilst drunk is not going to do you any favours at all!

Top Tip #3

            Pay close attention to ALL the cards that you see before you. It may be tempting to concentrate solely on those cards you currently hold, keeping your head down, but you also need to have a good idea of what is happening at the table in front of you. Pay close attention to what is showing to gain the advantage in picking out winning hands.

Top Tip #4

            Pay close attention to ALL the players at the table.

Pay close attention to all the players at the table

Just as you need to pay attention to the cards, you also need to learn how to scrutinise the players at your table. By picking up on their habits, you can a mass enough information to predict their next moves. This is what is known in the business as poker tells.       

Top Tip #5

            Don’t be immediately tempted by high-limit games. My most crucial piece of advice for the lesser experienced of players is to take game play steadily, ignoring any need to rush into those high-limit games within a few short attempts. If you’ve had a succession of wins at your current level, and feel the time is right; wise move. But if you’re intending to change games just because of the shorter line for the higher of limits, or rather you are simply out to impress; this is a sure-fire way to lose your money.

Top Tip #6   

            Choose your game according to the level of your skill, as well as your bankroll! When you are swept up in the thrill and excitement, it is often easy to get carried away, especially after a good win, and leap straight into a higher stake game with higher level players. But keep your head about you always. Be in it and play it for the long term, and both skill and bankroll will increase after time.

Top Tip #7

Understand what bluffing really means before attempting it: Okay, so I understand that for those new to the game, the term bluffing is considered a huge part of poker. But it isn’t necessary to continually use it in your games! It is a technique that needs to be learnt, to be aware of the consequences before it is employed. Better still, if in doubt, just don’t do it!

Top Tip #8

            Don’t give away piles of your money with the call to ‘Keep Someone Honest.’ Don’t give away piles of your moneyI see many people desperate to know if a player really has the hand that they say they do, as they throw in this final call. But in doing so, they ultimately hand this player a pile of their own money just for the privilege. Think about if such information is worth the cost before you make the call.

            Top Tip #9

            Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can’t fold, having no choice other than to stay in a hand: If you truly know you are beaten, then you will understand the pot doesn’t belong to you – and that fact will not change by playing to the very end of the game. If there is no doubt in your mind that your hand will not improve, don’t hesitate to fold straight away.

Top Tip #10

            Do not feel compelled to play every hand just because this is poker: A common mistake I tend to spot frequently is usually from players, new to poker, believing they must play each hand. Once you have understood this concept, if you do find yourself at the stage where you stay with around half, or possibly even several your dealt hands, you may need to look at changing your initial hand.

Top 10 Poker Tips from Johnnie - Royal FlushYou may notice a most popular theme which prevails through all my tips; that is common sense! Yes; a heavy dose of common sense is typically a great requirement if you are to attempt to master the game of poker in all its glory! As you can see, a lot of being good at poker relies on your exact emotional state at the time of game play! If you don’t feel at your best before hand, and you know you can’t give it your best shot, then my advice is to simply sit back and watch this time around, particularly when there are high stakes involved! By keeping your game play for when you are feeling great, and on the ball, your mood will certainly work for you, rather than against you, when it comes to playing a successful game of poker!