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Contribute A Guest Blog Post to The Website

The idea of creating this website derived from not only wanting to share my expertise, but to also get you, the fans, involved. That is why I have developed a section of this website to publish guest blog posts on all subjects that are relevant to poker and other casino related games.

Browse through the website and get acquainted with the look and feel of its content for further guidance of what I’m looking for in a guest blog post. If you can create a blog post which can offer some sort of advice, guidance or tips on a related gaming subject, then don’t hesitate to contact me at with your proposed idea.

Offer Some Constructive Feedback

I know from experience that we improve our game play by constructive feedback, so it therefore makes sense this applies to creating and building an accessible website! With so many different levels, tastes and preferences to cater for, it is not always possible to immediately include something for everyone. But I want to change that. If you feel there is something missing on this website, don’t be afraid to tell me. For an open community to succeed, we all need to work together, and I am always ready to take on constructive feedback to improve the website for very member.

Request A Private Consultation

As you know, one of my roles is offering private online consultations. With my extensive experience and accomplishments, that I have amassed over the years in the gaming field, I am more than qualified to help others who are seeking to do something similar.

If you feel that a private online consultation is something that would be beneficial to your circumstances, drop me a line and we can discuss this is in more detail. I work with both businesses and individuals.

Advertise on The Website

Many of you may notice that this website uses advertisements on its pages. I decided to monetize when I first began building the website, for two very simple reasons. Firstly, these advertisements generate a small income, which allows me to keep on improving the website, thus creating the most up-to-date content you see before you. Secondly, I can assure that each advertisement is relevant to all fans who access the website and therefore of some practical use to those who view them.

If you are a business that can offer the fans relevant services and products through great advertisements, I would be more than happy to discuss promoting your company on this website.

If there is anything at all that you would like to discuss with me, I would be more than happy to connect with you. This is an open community where fans can come tighter and benefit from what such a website offers. By working with you all, I can make sure what you see on this website is interesting, informative but above all relevant. Drop me a line at or use the simple contact form below.