About Johnnie

Hello and welcome to my exciting website, royally-flushed.com. I am glad that you could join me and hopefully, after looking around the site, you will be able to access all the available information on offer that you require to improve your own game play.

So, without further ado, let me introduce myself.

A Little Bit of Background Knowledge

It's meMy name is Johnnie Moore and I live in the city of Lancaster in sunny California. I may only be living a mere 250 miles away from the thriving and bright lights of the well-known city of Las Vegas, but for many years, my life was a world away from the glitz and glamour of this famous gambling city…

A while ago now, I worked as a Manager for a network of gas stations. Yes, it was a role that people relied on and held a certain level of authority, but let’s be honest, there isn’t much room for fun and glamour in the gas industry! I hadn’t planned on working in such a role, but perhaps you know how it is; you grow up, leave school, get a job and before you know it you’re stuck in a rut. With bills to pay and a roof to keep over my head, at least I had an income, albeit meagre, to keep me a float at the end of every month.

Playing online pokerBut, if you know me well enough, you’d know that this way of life was never going to be enough. I was bored, and my mind began to wander. My only escape was to spend my free time playing online poker on the only luxury item I owned; my smartphone device! What began as a way of just zoning out during breaks and lunch times, soon became a bit of an obsession. Before I realised it, I was hooked. But this was no addiction where I gambled with all my money and put my home at risk – this was different. I knew very early on that I was good at poker, and within a short space of time I was making a tidy profit on continuous wins from entering small contests.

After a few years of playing successfullyAfter a few years of playing successfully, and upon seeing that I could indeed make money from this way of life, I felt confident enough to go professional. Did it work though, I hear you ask; and the answer is simply yes – it most certainly did! It worked well enough, perhaps more so than I could have ever have imagined, because I was able to give up my job in the gas sector and launch a career in the gaming sector. I now don’t just get to play professional poker, I also offer private online consultations to other fans interested in further improvement of the game.

What I Want to Achieve with This Website

My main purpose for this website is to create an environment where like-minded fans can all come together and get involved in the community I offer. Since leaving my ordinary day job, I have been inundated with requests for help, tips, advice and reputable recommendations. It comes as little surprise to me because anybody who gambles, whether for fun or for more serious game play results, is always looking to improve their technique and, of course, success rates. So, I figure who better than to help than someone who has been there, done that and now makes a living from it – that would be me, Johnnie Moore.

Join My Fan Club

This website is a fan club where I am going to be talking about all things games related, as well as offering a platform for you to talk about your experiences of gaming. Perhaps you have some advice that you believe could help other players, or maybe you just want to connect with people who understand the passion of the game. This is the place to do it. This will also be the place where you can contact me directly to access the private online consultations I offer to customers.

Let’s work together on making the online and local casino gaming community a place where we can all have fun, play safely and, most importantly, make some real money from! I look forward to meeting you all on this incredible journey.